Do you want to be free from Psoriasis?

I struggled with psoriasis for 16 years before I decided to do something about it…

My story, in brief

Hi, my name is Gavin. I first developed Psoriasis when I was 4 years old and it severely impacted most of my childhood. I’d say I suffered for about 12 years, sometimes to the point where my entire body had to be wrapped in tar and gauze every day to help relieve the constant itching and pain.

These days though, Psoriasis isn’t a problem for me.

I’m a nerd who doesn’t take “you just have to live with it” for an acceptable answer. Instead, I’ve spent over 10 years experimenting on myself. I collected every book, study, journal, and article I could find that was relevant to the treatment of psoriasis — without pharmaceutical means.

No drugs. No potions. No voodoo. Just simple, science-based interventions that are proven to:

  • improve immune function
  • improve mental well-being (surprisingly important)
  • improve gut health (even more important)
  • improve hormone function

I’ve been amazed by some of the things I’ve learned. For example, did you know that some cases of Psoriasis can be triggered by bacteria that lives on your teeth?

I’d like to share everything I’ve learned with you in a collection I’ve called Psoriasis Solved — that’s catchy, right?

Psoriasis Solved is

  • Written by me, someone who actually understands what you’re going through
  • Written as simple, easy to follow steps you can put to work right away
  • Based on solid, scientific data

Psoriasis Solved is NOT

  • A scam. I’m not going to try and sell you a “colon-cleanse” kit or anything like that. I was let down by so many of these stupid programs before I took a scientific approach
  • A promise of a cure — they still can’t cure autoimmune diseases yet, but you can live without them ever being a problem again
  • Medical advice — I’m not a doctor

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